You Are Going To Be Obsessed With These LOL Candles

If you’re looking for an uplifting gift for a stressed out parent – or need something to make yourself smile – check out Ryan Porter Candles. The brand is best known for their message bracelets, but they recently launched a home line and it’s out of this world. Every candle is just so beyond hilarious especially the ones with 3D elements (see below). Plus, they smell amazing and last relatively long.


Each of them retails for about $30. Some of them (namely the food themed ones) remind me of the by robynblair art pieces that I could never bring myself to splurge on making these especially awesome because of their affordability despite the luxe feel. There are so many rough times as a parent no matter how young or old your children are, I’ve learned along the way that it’s the little things, which is why I was literally excited for days when I got a package with these candles (and still smile every time I see them in my bedroom/living room!

To shop the Ryan Porter candles and custom jewelry, click here.