TikTok Mom, Renae Olivia, Inspires Followers to Feel Lucky About Aging

New Jersey TikTok Mom, Renae Olivia, has gone viral for her age-defying appearance. According to the New York Post, Olivia is 51-years-old and her fans erupted once they discovered her age. Currently, Olivia has over 346,000 followers between Instagram and TikTok, all desperate to know her secrets.

So What Secret Does Renae Olivia Have?

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According to Olivia, there’s really not much of a secret. At least, not one that we all don’t already know. Olivia believes that being a hard-working mom, confident, and employing good skincare is her “secret.” Since this is certainly attainable by anyone, she decided to share her journey.

“People are pretty surprised when I tell them my age,” she explains. “I kept getting asked by women what my secrets were for looking younger than my age.”

All of Olivia’s simple secrets go into her viral videos, which she shares via her TikTok and Instagram. “Fashion and style help me,” she says. “If you carry yourself with confidence, it helps for sure.”

One of Olivia’s little hacks is a silk pillowcase, paired with a “consistent skin-care routine.” She stresses that moisturizing areas where wrinkling tends to be prevalent is key. “Never neglect the neck and hands,” she says. “They can be the telltale signs of aging.” She adds that she has a healthy relationship with the sun, as well. She ceased tanning when she was 18-years-old.

Really, Olivia is Just Loving the Process of Life

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Outside of those simple things, Olivia is a mom of two. She says that Tristan, 6, and Kaidyn, 2, definitely keep her fit and active. Keeping herself spry and confident keeps her from worrying about getting older. “I dreaded 30 more than 50,” she says. “I am 100% more confident and content now in this stage of my life. I want women to know it’s never too late to go for what you want in life.”

“We all need to remember that if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to be my age, too,” she says. “Why make someone feel less than or not worthy because of their age? It makes no sense.”

What do you think about Renae Olivia? Are you inspired by her pro-age outlook? Let us know in the comments below.

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