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Mom Gives Birth to Quadruplets and Counts ‘Thousands of Diapers’

At Northside Hospital, in Atlanta, Georgia, Madison Collier just gave birth to quadruplets. Collier and her husband, Justin, already have one child, Isla, and were keen to add on a brother or sister. But when they went in for her eight-week check-up, they were told to expect several.


Zero Multiplicity In the Family

When the Colliers went in for a routine ultrasound, they received news that exceptionally few parents have received—they would be having four new babies, instead of just one.

“And so we’re sitting there and he starts the ultrasound,” Madison Collier recounts to FOX5. “I’m just waiting … waiting … waiting … and he goes, ‘Were you on fertility drugs?’ I was like, ‘no.’ And he says, ‘huh.'”

Huh, indeed!

“I was laying there, somewhat freaking out already, and he was like, well, there’s four. And I was like four! What!?” Collier exclaimed, and further recounted that her husband “felt faint” and needed to lie down.

We bet he did!

She did also note that there are no other multiples within her or her husband’s family.

But there certainly is now—Calloway, Eliza, Iris, and Wilder.

The Quadruplets Are Happy and Healthy

Four of the quadruplets were born earlier this month. All perfectly healthy, but a little bit early at 28 weeks. FOX5 appropriately quipped that these babies had one more surprise in store.

Due to the early birth, the babies did have to spend a bit of extra time in the NICU at Northside, which was tough on Collier.

“It’s definitely different to have babies and not bring them home, for sure. That was hard for me, but at the same time I knew they needed to be there and they needed that help,” the new mom of quadruplets said.

Now that all the babies are home, Collier says it’s diaper town and a lot of creative solutions for getting everyone around. In order to accommodate five car seats, they have to take two cars everywhere.

“Yeah so we did some figuring because we kind of need to know a round-about number, it’s probably 40ish per day. It is thousands and thousands and thousands of diapers, like a lot of diapers,” she said.

Also quite a bit of dollars, as well, we imagine. A GoFundMe was set up to support this huge family as they get all fourteen feet under them. If you’d like to support, please do so.

Can you imagine giving birth to quadruplets? Can you even begin to imagine what comes after that? Let us know in the comments below.

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