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Kristin Cavallari Receives Criticism For Not Showing Kids Faces In Photo

Allowing young kids to keep their anonymity on social media has become a common practice for celebrity moms, and with good reason. However, Kristin Cavallari experienced a bit of backlash from her Instagram following for it, over the weekend.

Rightfully, Cavallari’s response was, “I don’t remember asking for anyone’s opinion,” reports Yahoo News.


No one wants their children used for any of the monetarily seedy motives that tend to manifest from celebrity photos. But, obviously, that just isn’t something the general public understands.

Kristin Cavallari Posts Controversial Photo

Cavallari shares three young children with her ex, Jay Cutler. Over the holiday, she posed for a photo with Camden (9), Jaxon (7), and Saylor (6), alongside her mother. In the photo, all three children have their backs turned to the camera — protecting their faces from view.

Really, it’s just a form of being a responsible parent, when you’re a celebrity.


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However, this appears to be something her following just doesn’t get. Though, a few did come to her defense. Comments left on the photo range from belligerently judgemental to praise.

One follower inquired, “Why have your kids in the picture if you are not going to show them?”

While others said things like “this is weird”, or “how stupid,” or accused Cavallari of “craving attention” by including her children in the photo at all.

“A pic JUST for social media,” writes one critic, going on to include a bit of a personal jab. “Never seen anyone ask their kids to turn their backs to a camera for a ‘family photo.’ Save it… just don’t add them to the picture and upload another selfie with your wine glass.”

The few that defended her, called everyone else “trolls” and applauded the “momma bear.”

Cavallari Responds With Humor and Grace

In a follow-up post, Cavallari wrote, “I don’t remember asking for anyone’s opinion but fine, I’ll show my kids.” Cleverly, the photo wasn’t of her kids at all, but her closest friend Justin Anderson and his partner, Austin Rhodes.


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Anderson chimed in, saying, “People get mad if you don’t show your kids’ faces, people get mad when you do… there’s very little winning on Instagram these days, KC!”

Yahoo News cited a previous quote from Cavallari, in an interview with The Cut, that applies to all of us on social media, not just celebs.

“I think the biggest thing when you’re having self-doubt is to not be on social media,” Cavallari says. “I don’t think that people praising you constantly is normal, and neither are people tearing you down constantly — it’s not normal.”

Social media is really robbing us of our happiness, I think,” she adds. “We’re constantly comparing our worst to everybody else’s best and that’s a really dangerous place to be.”

Wise words from a wise mom, indeed.

What is your stance on celebrities showing their kid’s faces on social media? Would you keep them hidden? Do you agree with how Kristin Cavallari handled the photo? Let us know in the comments below.

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