14 Funny AF Hostess Gifts for Moms Who Love to Swear

I live in the south, where charm and class reign supreme. But let me tell you one universal truth about mothers everywhere (even down here): a lot of us like to swear. Maybe it’s the allure of ever-so-occasionally doing something “bad” when your time is otherwise always spent setting a good example. Maybe it’s the sheer frustration that builds up after eight straight hours of wiping butts and playing short order cook.

Or maybe it’s the simple fact that mothers are still people, just like everyone else. And then when we became parents, we gave up a lot about ourselves but not the part that likes to let her hair down, have a cocktail, or drop an f-bomb. (For me, it’s probably a combination of all these factors, but I digress…)

The next time you’re heading over for a boozy play date, a dinner party, book club meeting, or just a pop-in to say hello to your favorite hostess mama who likes to swear, bring her something on this list and let the hilarity ensue. After all, we’re all moms here, and we speak the same language: one that includes naughty words.


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