16 Things Moms Really Want to See On Sale During Amazon Prime Day

Have you started a list for Amazon Prime Day 2019 yet? Let’s start with top picks for parents. As in, anything that makes life a little easier. At our front door, you’re likely to find an Amazon box or two most days of the week, thanks to the great pricing, fast and free shipping, and wide selection of useful items. But with Amazon Prime Day approaching this July 15 and 16, even better prices than normal are headed our way.

While it’s impossible to know exactly what will be up for grabs at rock-bottom prices this Amazon Prime Day, I’ve perused the potential lineup and have a hopeful hit-list too. I’m pretty pumped about clearance pricing on the Ring Doorbell and other coveted finds. And, as a mother of two and the “prime” spender in our household, I certainly have a suggestion or two (or 15!) on what moms most want to see on sale for Prime Day.

Step aside, obscure kitchen gadgets and take a seat, men’s underwear. The moms of the world have needs, and the less we have to spend on them, the more room we have in the budget for the very few of them that we can’t buy on Amazon… like wine.



More Products to Make Life Easier:

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