15 Brilliant Uses for the Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers really are magic when it comes to cleaning dirt and grime off of surfaces. The “magic” comes from their ability to get into the grooves of most surfaces, even ones so tiny that you can’t really see them. But did you know that those little white sponge-like things can do so much more? Here are 15 brilliant uses for Magic Erasers that will prompt you to stock up on them the next time you are in the store.

1.) Getting Crayon Off Of Walls

If you have kids, the probability that you’ll end up with crayon on your walls is high. Luckily all you need is a magic eraser to clean the marks off your wall. This also works with pencil marks on walls. You might want to test it first to make sure your paint works well with the magic eraser but I’ve always had success with this.

2.) Car Interior Cleaner

I keep a Magic Eraser in my car to clean up dust, dirt, food, and other marks on the interior. You can also use it to clean your tires and rims!

3). Leather Cleaner

If you accidentally soil or mark your leather couch, shoes, or coat a magic eraser will be your best friend!

4.) Remove Sticky Residue

I’m one of those people that used to have sticky residue stuck to the bottom of my glassware or new bowls and it drove me nuts. Then I learned that my handy Magic Eraser could remove it with no problem — something my dishwasher could not manage to do after multiple washes.

5). Soap Scum Remover

You don’t need chemical-filled cleaning products to clean that soap scum that builds up in your bathroom. Your Magic Eraser will remove it all with just water!

6.) Wall and Baseboard Scuffs

Nothing shows wear and tear in your home like walls and baseboards. If you’ve scuffed them up, just buff them with your Magic Eraser to make them as good as new.

7.) Clean Your Refrigerator

Cleaning my fridge used to be my least favorite job. Until I tried my Magic Eraser, which cleans off food, sticky liquids, and fingerprints with no issue.

8.) Grout Cleaner

Grout tends to get dirty (and stay dirty) faster than tubs and tile. Dirt and grime gets stuck in the crevices down in grout. But the Magic Eraser can get in those tiny crevices and remove dirt easily.

9.) Shoe Cleaner

You no longer need to avoid shoes with light or white bottoms — the Magic Eraser removes stains that dirt and grass can cause and keep your shoes looking new.

10). Hard Water Remover

Magic Erasers remove stains caused by lime and hard water, even off of glass, just by using a little water and elbow grease.

11.) Clean Your Microwave

Like your refrigerator, your microwave tends to be an area covered with a variety of substances that are hard to remove. And the repeated cooking that happens inside only serves to make the removal even harder. But a Magic Eraser and a little water will work wonders!

12.) Ink and Marker on Skin

The next time your kid comes home from school with marker all over her hands or you have a pen leak on your fingers, just bust out your Magic Eraser and it will do what soap and water can’t — remove it!

13.) Coffee & Tea Stains

Do you have a hard time removing coffee or tea stains on countertops or inside your favorite mugs? Just use a Magic Eraser to make them look brand new again.

14.) Remove Clothing Stains

Even the toughest stains like grease or ketchup are no match for the Magic Eraser. Just rinse the area clean of any excess residue, blot the stain (do not rub) with a damp Magic Eraser and watch the stain disappear.

15.) Clean and Shine Jewelry

Delicately scrubbing your favorite jewelry with a moist Magic Eraser will make it shine and sparkle.

Are you a Magic Eraser convert? What is your favorite way to use yours?

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