Funny tweets about the hell that is homework time

















When your kids start elementary school, you breathe a sigh of relief that life will finally get a little easier. You’re pawning them off on someone else for six blissful hours each day, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, while you’re mid-sigh, they start bringing home homework, and you quickly realize you were wrong about life getting easier. Now, you not only have to remember what you were taught oh so long ago, but you also have to convince a tired and more cranky version of yourself to do their homework. Suddenly, you wish you could take back everything you’d said about the baby stage being hard, because it’s got nothing on the helping with homework stage. There will be tears, tantrums, and outbursts. And that’s just from you.

Thankfully, there are parents in the world who manage to be funny while trying to understand the hell that is common core math. And then they selflessly tweet their jokes so the rest of us can laugh in between crying fits. Proving once again, not all heroes wear capes.


If you think about it, this is two lessons in one. We’re basically over-achievers. 

Sometimes your kids school you in their fancy new way of doing math. It doesn’t matter, you still won’t understand it. 

Every marriage needs one person who excels at math. Choose your partner wisely, people.

Look, desperate times call for desperate measures. Don’t judge another mother until you’ve walked a mile in her sensible mom shoes. 

The important thing is to teach our kids that it’s okay to show emotion. Crying is totally natural, especially when math is involved. 

This seems like an accurate statistic. 

It’s a solid plan, but what happens when mom blocks your number, kid?

Just know this, helping with homework will make you question your intelligence and your sanity. 

It’s this weird condition that affects every child who’s ever been assigned homework. 

Look, kid, do you want my help with your homework or do you want to get an A? You can’t have both.

When all else fails, call in reinforcements.