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Which Toy Story Character Are You?

I was 10 the first time my family visited Walt Disney World Resort. Despite being crammed in the back of a conversion van with my sister while we drove halfway across the country, I remember it fondly as my favorite childhood vacation. There’s no place quite like Walt Disney World; it’s truly magical. The streets of every park are alive with color and sound, and not a single detail is overlooked when it comes to making every guest feel like royalty. It was after that first trip, in 1993, that I began my lifelong love and appreciation for all things Disney.

Now 25 years later, I have a family of my own to share the magic with. To hold us over between visits to the park, we enjoy watching all our favorite characters on the big screen. While my heart has room for many of Disney’s characters, there’s something special about the adventurous cast of Toy Story. After all, what’s not to love about a group of friends who never give up on each other?

Soon these beloved characters will have their own destination at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Land! While you’ll have to wait until summer to catch your faves at Toy Story Land, you can find out right now which Toy Story character is your kindred spirit. Take this quiz to find out which Toy Story Character you are!

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