9 Essentials You Need In Your Hotel Room When Traveling With Kids

My family spends nearly half the year traveling for work, so when summer comes, I make sure to schedule in some extra-relaxing vacations. I already have a few suites booked for these trips, as well as some ideas about how we’re going to spend our time. I’m going to indulge in a fresh vegetable omelet with bacon and fruit, since Embassy Suites by Hilton offers free made-to-order breakfast, and lounge poolside while the kids splash around. I think my favorite moments are our late-night pay-per-view sessions, surrounded by soft white sheets and plush pillows that somebody else gets to wash. I used to get anxious about getting everything squared away for the family when we’d be away from home, but through tons of trial-and-error, I’ve now got it pretty dialed in. Here are my picks for must-have in-room items when the kids are ranging from, “Look at the air I can catch on this hotel bed!” to “I’m bored”…and every moment in between.

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