Totally Useful Dryer Sheet Hacks Everyone Should Know

The other day I was at my local grocery store when I saw an offer on dryer sheets. I thought about stocking up on them, but then decided, “Who could possibly need that many dryer sheets?” So I walked past the display … big mistake! A friend later told me about a few dryer sheet hacks — super cool things you can do with dryer sheets that have nothing to do with laundry — and now I’m kicking myself for not taking advantage of the sale. I starting Googling…and she was right. Dryer sheets are good for more than just tossing in your tumbler and getting soft, sweet-smelling clothes (although that is definitely worthwhile).

Now that I’ve done some research and even tested out of few of the possibilities, I think I might be hooked. Whether you’re into crafting or simply enjoy finding new ways to keep your home fresh and clean, check out this list of awesome dryer sheet hacks and learn a few of the fun (and inventive!) ways you can use (and re-use) your dryer sheets.

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