The Ultimate 'Acts of Kindness' Advent Calendar - Free Printable

The Ultimate “Acts of Kindness” Advent Calendar [FREE PRINTABLE]

Ever since my kids came on the scene, at Christmas we’ve done an advent calendar from 1 December until 24 December, marking the days leading up to Christmas day and enjoying Christmassy things. In recent times, as the kids have grown older and I’ve grown more and more wary of a chocolate a day for 25 days, we’ve swapped our traditional lolly calendar for a Christmas kindness advent calendar. An act of kindness every day for 25 days. Even the kids agree that the feel-good factor beats a lolly.

I thought I’d share the kindness advent calendar we are working with this year. You might like to download and print it and have your own Christmas kindness calendar to work from. I cut my calendar up to put each act of kindness into our advent calendar socks – aren’t they sweet?

Advent Calendar

It is so refreshing to see how quickly the kids get into being kind – looking for new ways and adding extra acts of kindness to the calendar every year. Here’s what we’ll be ticking off the list this year:

  1. Invite someone lonely to play with you today
  2. Do a job for Dad without him having to ask
  3. Tuck a random letter about kindness inside a library book
  4. Write something nice about each kid in your class and give them your note
  5. Make a movie or write a story for Mum and Dad about how happy they make you feel
  6. Make all the beds in the house as a surprise
  7. Pick up rubbish in the playground without being asked
  8. Wrap a gift for your teacher and make a card
  9. Deliver your gift to your teacher
  10. Bake something nice with / for Mum
  11. Make a card for your neighbour and leave it at their front door
  12. Do something nice for your sibling(s) as a surprise
  13. Put a gift under a local wishing tree
  14. Call Grandma for a chat
  15. Chalk messages about kindness on the footpath near your house
  16. Do a job for Mum without her having to ask
  17. Read a Christmas story to your brother or sister
  18. Make a Christmas present for your sister or brother (or both)
  19. Make a surprise Christmas present for Mum and put it under the tree
  20. Find 3 toys you can donate to another kid who needs them more
  21. Clean your bedroom from top to bottom (Santa likes a clean room!)
  22. Sing a carol or two for the family
  23. Help Mum and Dad set the Christmas table
  24. Leave a note for Santa telling him nice things about your siblings

Christmas Kindness Calendar 2016 - Free Printable

Click here to download and print the Christmas Kindness Calendar 2016

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