Nights in With Friends in Winter

21 Ideas for Cosy Nights In with Friends

As soon as the weather cools I have a tendency towards hibernation. I pull the covers up, turn the television on and wait for summer and BBQ season to come back. It’s like my entire social life revolves around the sun. Do you do this too?

Really, there is no reason I should be so anti-social in winter. There are plenty of great nights in to be had with family and friends, even if alfresco is off the menu. Think card nights, games nights and coffee by the backyard fire pit – winter encourages a cosiness that summer just can’t match. It’s the perfect time to grow even deeper bonds with your besties. Here are 21 ideas for cosy nights in with friends and family.


What’s your favourite kind of night in?

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21 Fun Idea for Cosy Nights In with Friends

Try these other great ideas for winter fun:

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