Breastfeeding in public

What To Do If You See Someone Breastfeeding In Public


Confronting, I know. Breasts have, I’m pretty sure, been scientifically proven to exist solely for sexual reasons, so people really have no business whipping them out for the nefarious purpose of feeding a child. So how best to handle someone breastfeeding in public if you see it?


Demand the mother leave your line of sight

Your comfort is paramount in this situation. Why should you have to turn your head to look elsewhere? Injury, psychological trauma… it’s all possible. Does she really want to take the risk? Much simpler for everyone if she takes her hungry kid and breastfeeds in the toilet. She can rest her water bottle on the sanitary disposal bin. Some places even provide seats in parent’s rooms, right next to the change tables and nappy disposal bins.

Cover her up

I always carry a spare blanket for the purpose of draping over a breastfeeding child if I happen to come across one in my line of vision. Some mothers will make noises about “over heating” and “the baby can’t breathe” but it’s really just an excuse to grab attention, am I right? Tell them that that they can buy attractive neck-apron things designed specifically for hiding the fact that they are breastfeeding, because nothing says discretion like a colourful cloth strapped around your neck like a giant bib. Elegant, subtle and classy. No one would ever know what you were doing, wearing one of these:

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