No Time for Taco Night? Try These Make-Ahead Mexican Casseroles & One-Dish Dinners

Mexican casseroles have been a total sanity saver for me, because here’s the thing: They’re flavorful and quick and easy to prep. Thanks to the bright flavors of cilantro, lime, and other classic ingredients we love in Latin cooking, our favorite Mexican casseroles offer something a little different. And, yes, they’re also filled with plenty of the good stuff (like lots of cheese) that make casseroles a cold-weather crowd pleaser in the first place. I also love that these casseroles freeze so well. I can make a few on Sunday, and then pop one in the oven before dinner on a busy weeknight. 

Another plus: My kids, even the pickiest one, will actually eat these filling dinners without complaining, which I consider a total win. A meal that’s easy and whine-free? Sign me up.


Inspired to start cooking now? Check out my favorite Mexican casserole recipes (and other Latin-inspired one-dish dinners), and get ready to watch your kids clean their plates. Hey, maybe they’ll even help you in the kitchen the next time you’re whipping one of these casseroles up. A mom can dream anyway.

More Dinner Recipes:

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