Let Your Closet Flag Fly High

If you’re an interior design minimalist like me, you probably keep the color palette in your home fairly subdued. So maybe you’ve never considered that closets can be a great place to take fun home decorating risks, by using bold materials and colors that you’ve never had the nerve to use anywhere else in your home.


We’ve all heard the expression about coming out of the closet, and that saying essentially means feeling free enough to be and express yourself, which is always a good thing. And if you think about it, closets are the perfect small spaces for exploring and experimenting with new aspects of self expression. And while you’re creating a new visual look for your closets, you can also use this project as a way to fine tune some of your closet organization too.

Begin by looking through your home and deciding which closets are in the most need of a makeover. Now that you’ve figured out that part, let’s get started on that makeover!

First Dream Up A Bold Closet Color Palette

Let your imagination run wild by choosing bold wallpapers like this Little Butterfly Loop or vibrant paint colors that you love, but never had the guts to use before. Or maybe you have a wallpaper that you’ve always loved, but it was way too expensive to use in larger quantities? Closets are a perfect way to finally be able to use expensive items that you love, since you’ll need them in much smaller quantities.



Image: namarococo.com



Image: ralphlaurenhome.com


Let There Be Light

People always seem to underestimate the value of quality lighting and closets are no exception when it comes to the need for good lighting. So think a little out of the box on this one. Don’t just limit yourself to a boring center mount light bulb or flush mount fixture that are typically seen in closets.  How cool would it be to instead hang a funky retro ceiling chandelier or this petite orb style fixture to improve your closet lighting and create a cool look at the same time? Just take care to choose a fixture that’s appropriate for your ceiling height or your individual installation. In other words, don’t choose a fixture that will hang down too far and end up being in the way or getting too close to clothing or stacked blankets and end up becoming a fire danger, etc.




Images: ballarddesigns.com


Hang It Up in Space Saving Style

Now here’s the simplest idea of all and in some instances it can nearly double your hanging space, depending on which style of hangers you use now.  A friend of mine first turned me onto these Slimline Heavyweight Hangers and I didn’t really believe the difference it would make, until I tried it myself and discovered that it nearly doubled the hanging space on my closet rods! They’re not only well priced, but they’re also made of a non-slip finish, so shirts won’t slide off onto the floor and they help eliminate unsightly hanger bumps in the shoulders of sweaters, etc. And if you want to adapt these hangers to use to hang skirts or pants, you can easily add these hanger clips and you’re good to go! So bag up and donate all your mismatched hangers to your local Goodwill Store or to a Women’s shelter where they will get recycled into another good use.




Images: bedbathandbeyond


Organize Shelves with Visually Appealing Objects

And don’t forget to revamp and reorganize those overhead shelves too. Having things stacked up on closet shelving can create a lot of visual chaos, so why not delegate things into some of these cool looking baskets to help organize things and neaten up your look at the same time?



You’ll find baskets that range from these wide woven felt baskets all the way to these more traditional looking braided varieties of baskets.



Images: westelm.com