Baby Food for Valentine’s Day

Hey, Moms! You can celebrate Valentine's Day with your adorable little babies with these simple baby food ideas to pamper the ones you love the most—your little ones! The Valentine's Day Baby Food recipes below are suitable for babies 7 months or older, but as always, be sure to ask your pediatrician about introducing new foods to your baby.

Hearty Heart Potatoes

Simply prepare a bowl of white potato puree, and dig out a heart shape. Fill in the heart shape with a spoonful of pureed roasted beets, as shown below.

Heart Potatoes Baby Food

Pink Potatoes

Mix white potato puree and pureed roasted beets thoroughly and voila! Your baby will delight in the awesome colorful explosion.

Pink Potatoes Baby Food

Cranberry Apple Sauce

This recipe is so simple, and it takes the "bite" out of a typically tart cranberry sauce. To make this, boil 16 ounces of fresh cranberries in 1 cup of water steeped with a peeled, chopped apple. (If desired, add a pinch of brown sugar.) When the cranberries pop, the sauce is done.

Cranberry Apple Sauce Baby Food

Yogurt n' Berry Bites

This is incredible easy: blend berries with plain, whole-milk yogurt and then spoon into an ice tray and freeze.

Yogurt and Berry Bites Baby Food

Find more wholesome baby food ideas from Maggie Meade in her book, The Wholesome Baby Food Guide.