Why Anniversaries Are More Romantic Than Valentine’s Day For ‘Safe Haven’ Writer Nicholas Sparks And His Wife

When you’re married to the man who has written some of the most romantic books of our time, you expect that  Valentine’s Day would be the height of your year.  Nicholas Sparks may spoil his wife on V-Day, but he revealed to us that his wedding anniversary is when he breaks out the romance big guns.


During our interview with Nicholas on the set of the new film Safe Haven (based on his novel of the same name), he shared the answer to the question he’s asked most often: “are you the most romantic man on the planet?”.   In a word, YES.  He explained, “I get asked that question a lot.  My wife (Cathy) would say I am a romantic man. And I know this because she has said it in interviews before.” 

Nicholas shared their annual wedding anniversary tradition. “Every year for our anniversary, I write my wife a love letter and it takes me four days or so to get all the words perfect. It recaps the year, the ups and downs; I cover what we’ve done this year.  It’s like a living diary of our lives- the struggles we’ve gone through, the fights we had when we weren’t getting along and how that made me feel and the recoveries.”  He then makes sure she knows, “through it all, she’s just the one for me.”  He adds, “some women find that romantic. They’re really well-written letters, by the way.  I work really hard on them.  I sit, and I evaluate it like it would go in a book.  And then when I’m done, I hand write it out for her.”

That’s pretty sweet, no?  Do you and your significant other have any romantic traditions for Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary? 


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