Rachel Zoe Reveals Her Favorite Person To Style

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe may dress some of the biggest stars in Hollywood – Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson and more – but her favorite person to style is her son Skyler, 22 months.


We see dozens of photos each month of Rachel out shopping with her son, who turns two in March, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  The celebrity mom says he’s the most fun to dress, like having her own real life doll.  She tells MSN’s Wonderwall, “Oh my God, my husband (Roger Berman) laughs at me because I spend more time in his closet in the morning than I do in my own. And you know, it’s incredibly fun. It’s like having a live doll. And he loves it. Right now, he loves getting dressed, which is really fun. At some point, I’m sure in a year, he’s gonna hate everything I show him and just wanna wear like soccer uniforms or something.”

Rachel explains how she chooses what pieces to dress Skyler in, “It’s kind of funny — I dress him kind of like my husband and then kind of like a little French boy, because in my delusional mind I live in France. So, that’s how I dress him.”

What do you think of Rachel’s clothing choices for her mini-fashionista? 



Photos by Wenn.com