Thanksgiving Menu Chalkboard DIY

Thanksgiving Chalkboard Menu DIY


  • chalkboard (learn how to make one below)
  • chalk, white and colored
  • turkey printable, printed out (optional)
  • pencil
  • glass of water
  • cotton swaps or a tiny paint brush
  • wet rag

Thanksgiving Menu Chalkboard - Supplies


Step 1: (optional): If you don’t have a chalkboard handy, make one yourself. I made mine by simply spray-painting black chalkboard paint over an $8 framed oil painting from local thrift store.

Step 1 Tip: Use painters tape to mask the frame before spraying 2 to 3 light coats of chalkboard paint. Let each coat dry completely before applying another coat. Repeat until the painting is covered.

Step 2: (optional) If you really want the chalk on your board to stand out, wet the board first with a damp rag.  rag. (Keep in mind that when drawing on a wet board, the chalk will look faint, but once dry, it will be nice and bright.)

Step 3: (optional) If using a print-out of a turkey for your design, lay it face down on a work surface and rub the entire back with the side of a piece of chalk. Make sure to cover it well.

Thanksgiving Chalkboard DIY - Step 2

Step 3 Tip: If you’d like an alternative to a turkey drawing, get the kids involved in this craft! Give your children a copy of the menu and some chalk and let them create a Thanksgiving masterpiece—this may become a yearly tradition!

Step 4: (optional) Place the drawing chalk-side down on your chalkboard where you want the turkey. Trace over the turkey with a pencil. When you are done tracing, remove the drawing to reveal the outline of the turkey on the chalkboard. Go over all the lines to darken them.

Thanksgiving Chalkboard DIY - Step 3

Step 5: Write in your Thanksgiving Menu. If you wet your chlakboard earlier, you can now use a hair blow dryer to speed up the drying process, or simply leave it to dry. To remove any chalk smudges or mistakes use a wet rag, cotton swab, or paint brush.

Step 6: Display your Thanksigiving Chalkboard Menu! You can display it on a Thanksgiving Side Table or elsewhere. If you don’t have wall space to allow the ckalboard to lean, use an easel or temporarily remove a piece already hanging on the wall and replace it for the day with the chalkboard.

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