Make your Stairs into an Art Gallery

altLiza Phillip’s inspiration to create these individual stair rugs began with a family who had deep roots in the art world and her own background as a freelance architectural watercolorist. She has travelled extensively to places like Nepal and India and used the background she gained in those cultures, to create her designs for these stunningly unique stair rugs.



altAlto Steps are available in sets of 12, or they can be purchased individually, so the combinations are almost endless. They are made from New Zealand wool, natural hemp or Nettle fibers.  In addition to being a visual feast for the eyes, they will quiet down wooden stair treds and feel soft under your bare feet too.




Or, if you don’t have any stairs in your home, she will translate these rich patterns and colors into the perfect carpet runner that will make a bold design statement for any entrance or hallway.






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