Silly Pet Olympics


While it’s true that pets have long played a role in the history of the Olympics, we thought it might be fun to take a step back for a moment, from the more serious contenders and share a few images of how pets make their way into our hearts, and they don’t even need a gold medal to do it


Hey, who says you need an Olympic sized pool to make a big splash? With the look of these goggles alone, I could smoke almost any contender!


altYeah, that’s right, my coach thinks I’m still at the Olympic track doing sprints and lunges, but only a silly dog would train overtime like that. I’m more concerned with getting enough beauty sleep so that I look good for the cameras tomorrow.


cameras tomorrow. altYeah, this is pretty humiliating and I don’t know why humans seem so entertained by making us balance a bone on our heads, but I’ll stick with this gig because other than this, they’re pretty good to me. I wonder if I can get a Gold Medal for this if I make it last awhile longer and resist chasing the cat, who I just saw snoozing on the radiator a few minutes ago?

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