Who Doesn’t Hate their Cat’s Litter Box?

Cat’s have always seemed to be a part of my life, but I sure could live without their litterboxes!

Cat’s can add so much joy to our lives and yet, in return, they ask so little of us. Somehow it seems, I’ve always had cats in my life, but when you are living with them in confined quarters, the litterbox is never an enhancement to the joy they bring us!  And if you are sharing your living space with cats AND dogs, it can make the situation even more problematic if your dog can’t  keep his nose out of that stinky litterbox.

Rich Williams and Brett Teper each both have over 15 years of design experience, so when the litterbox became too much for Brett’s Brooklyn sized apartment, his wife encouraged him to design something better and thus the Modko product line was born in 2008. So it was from his own litterbox dilemma, that the idea evolved for this uniquely designed litterbox that will help keep your cat (and the litter) inside the box, and leave your dog to minding his own business!



Check out this clever rooftop design, that keeps the litter inside while your cat is digging and grabs the litter off their paws on their way out. The ergonomic design of these litterboxes is not only visually appealing, but you can trust that all it’s functional details are well thought out too, because the idea for it’s design emerged from a cat owner. And you can choose from a variety of design savvy colors that will look great in almost any space, plus it’s space saving design won’t take up too much floor space either.


altAnd they also offer an additional design that comes with a magnetic flip top style lid, so you can choose which design will best suit you and your cat’s needs.

Images from Modko