Grill Dad For A Change

It’s the Foodzie Backyard BBQ Cooking Box, $29.95, from our favorite new shopping site – Joyus.  This kit is filled with essentials like Kansas City-Style BBQ Sauce for roasting ribs, Ancho Chicken Rub for grilling white meat, and Bourbon Barrel Worcestershire Sauce for adding yum to burgers. There’s even a bag of hand-cut potato chips that dad can throw back as he mans the grill, and a sack of yellow eye heirloom beans begging to be simmered.

If you want to spread more joy around his paternal world, you can throw in a few jars of Bacon Jam($34). It sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit, but once you taste of this savory treat, you won’t be laughing. Originally created by a Seattle food truck specializing in gourmet burgers, Bacon Jamis made by simmering together wholesome ingredients like onions, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and spices with the meat that men crave.

Find more gift ideas for Pops by checking out Joyus’entire, tightly curated collection of home, fashion and food items. For each item Joyus sells, they create a video that tells about where the product was discovered, style or cooking tips, and a demonstration of how it looks, sounds, feels and smells. Be warned – you will likely find yourself sucked into its video vortex with a newfound lust for every flaunted object.

In addition to the convenient and cool shopping platform, we love that once a month they feature a charity and encourage their shoppers to “share the joy”by donating online.

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