Muslin Squares-Possibly The Most Useful Baby Item

When I’d finished telling her just how indispensable muslin squares are she ordered a pack of 12 and is considering buying more just in case!  These simple pieces of coarsely woven cotton cloth have numerous uses, which is why no new mum should be without a decent stash.

Burping your baby is the most well known use for muslin cloths; simply drape the cloth over your shoulder while you burp your baby and your clothes won’t get dribbled on.  Babies dribble and posset when they eat a lot more than you might expect so always have a muslin cloth nearby when you’re feeding your baby.  You can even use one instead of a bib.

Other uses include bathing; you can gently clean your baby’s skin with a muslin cloth and you can also use one as a towel due to their absorbency.    

Many women use muslins to swaddle their new baby in or as a light blanket on a very hot day.  You could also place one on top of a pram or moses basket mattress, tucking the sides under, to absorb any vomit or dribble, minimising the amount you need to wash the sheets or mattress itself, as you can often simply swap the muslin for a new one.  Some mothers swear by muslin cloths as comforters, as babies love the texture on their skin.

I’ve often seen women hooking blankets over the front of their pram to keep the sun off their baby if they don’t have a parasol.  Blankets are so thick that the pram could become very hot doing this and a muslin cloth is a much better alternative.

Putting a muslin square over your changing mat makes it more comfortable and can take off the chill.  You could also use them as nappy liners or even traditional style nappies.

Muslins are a nursing mum’s friend.  They make ideal nursing covers and can be secured using your bra strap, and they can also be used as makeshift breast pads if you leak during feeding.  If you have engorgement, simply hand express into a muslin to soften your breast before feeding your baby.  If your breastfed baby is teething, wrap a frozen breastmilk ice cube in a muslin, hold or secure the end and let your baby gum at it for a cooling effect your baby will enjoy.

As your baby grows, try hiding your face behind a muslin cloth and playing peekaboo, babies love it!

The best thing about muslin cloths?  They’re cheap and easy to wash, so there really is no reason not to stock up as you won’t want to be without them.

Muslin squares really are essential for any new mum and hopefully these tips have given you an idea of just how versatile they can be.  If you have any more uses of your own, please feel free to share them below!


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