Will Smith Isn’t Looking Forward To His Daughter’s Dating Future

11 year old singer Willow Smith is giving her dad, Will Smith, high levels of anxiety.

In typical dad fashion, Will says that he’s dreading the day that Willow starts to date. At the premiere of Men In Black III, the celebrity dad admitted: “It’s coming, and I’m nervous about it. Having two boys and a girl, I realize that boys take trouble to other people’s houses, and girls bring it home. So, the thing we are struggling with is the rules and setting fair rules for the boys and for Willow, but she’s not having any of that.”

Will is planning to be “one of those dads” when it comes to making sure he knows what sort of boys his daughter is hanging out with. “When Willow does bring a boy home, I’m going to screen him and find out everything about him. And that’s going to happen when she’s 40, when she’s allowed to go on dates!”

How old were your daughters when they started to “date”? Do you think girls are more difficult to raise than boys?


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