How To Make The Switch To Reusable Napkins

Making the switch from disposable, paper, single-use napkins to cloth reusable napkins is an easy way to make a big difference. Not only will you be keeping trash out of our overflowing landfills, but you’ll also be saving yourself some money in the long run.

Feeling crafty? DIY cloth napkins

Reusable napkins can vary in price. The most cost effective way to make the switch to reusable napkins is to sew a few on your own. HERE’s a great tutorial for making your very own cloth napkins.

Making the switch to cloth

If you’re not in a DIY kind of mood or don’t know how to sew, your next stop should be Eco Etsy. Eco Etsy is a team of Etsy sellers dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling. Their members are committed to protecting the planet by utilizing methods to reduce their carbon foot print in both their business and personal lives.  

Here are three Eco Etsy cloth napkins merchants that help to make switching to cloth napkins a simple decision.

Everyday Reusable Napkins

These white napkins made by Love for Earthare nothing fancy, but easily replace single-use paper napkins. These are perfect to pack in school lunches, picnic baskets, barbecues. 40 napkins are included in the set and are priced reasonably.

Eco Friendly Muslin

These napkins are created by Joonwalk and are made from cotton muslin with little swatches of fabric scraps on both sides. Each napkin has its own unique swatch-making it simple to tell the napkins apart.  The napkins are washable and reusable and come in a set of two.

Organic Cotton and Hemp Napkins

These napkins are designed by Inkyspyder and are made from organic cotton and hemp. The designer silk screens the unique print directly onto the napkin. The napkins are reusable and washable and come in a set of 6. Once you have made the switch to reusable napkins you’ll find they can be used for everything. I use them in my children’s lunch boxes, as a wash cloth, and for breakfast, dinner and lunch.

Have you made the switch to cloth napkins?

[Photo used under Creative Commons from Dinner Series/Flickr]

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