Sharon Osbourne Gushes About Becoming A Grandmother

Sharon Osbourne is completely smitten with her new grandbaby!

On Tuesday, Sharon’s son, Jack Osbourne and his fiancee, Lisa Stelly, welcomed a baby girl named Pearl. Sharon is beaming over the new addition to the Osbourne clan.

“It’s all overwhelming. But in a good way — in a really positive, lovely way. It’s just amazing.”

Sharon’s daughter-in-law-to-be even allowed her in the delivery room to share the experience with them.

“[Pearl’s] healthy and gorgeous. It’s like a new life. There’s nothing like it, nothing like to witness it. It’s just an amazing event. You go through every emotion. You go through joy and you thank God that everybody is healthy and happy. You realize how lucky you are. It’s like life has gone full cycle in our family.”

She’s already looking forward to more grandchildren:

“I’ve got two more girls to marry off. There will be more grandkids!”



Photos by WENN

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