DIY: Dalmatian Window Blinds

Incorporating a theme into children’s rooms is not only fun, but stimulates their creativity and fuels their imaginations. 


There are many ways to come up with a theme – use their favorite toys, books, or activities as a starting point and build from there. In the room above a fire fighter theme was used to decorate a little boys room who loves everything about fireman and fire engines.

Inexpensive mini blinds take on the personality of the room when black vinyl spots to resemble a fire fighter’s mascot, are applied. When the blinds are opened, the spots are partially hidden; when closed the spots come to life.

Materials Needed:

  • Mini blinds
  • Black adhesive vinyl or contact paper
  • Craft knife and extra blades

For a Girls Room: Instead of Dalmatian dots, cut-out simple flower shapes using vinyl in one or more colors to coordinate with the room

Black vinyl is sold in rolls at crafts stores where the vinyl cutting machines are sold. You can also buy many colors of vinyl online.

1.  Cut vinyl or contact paper in random-size ovals and circular shapes to look like spots. 

2.  Remove blinds and clean thoroughly.

3. Work on a large surface with a cutting board underneath.  Put blinds on the work surface in the closed position. Stick black dots randomly over slats, being sure to press each spot firmly onto blind.

4.  Following the lines between slats, cut through shapes with craft knife. Change knife blade when dull.  Hang blinds.