Diaper Duty: Changing Table Essentials

Poopsplosion. Before you had a baby you didn’t know such a thing existed, or maybe you thought it was a comedic exaggeration.


But now you know it’s a fact of newborn life. Make your changing table your new best friend (not forever!) with these gentle, eco-friendly, and toxin-free picks to get the smelly job done, brought to you by Milkshake Kids.


Diaper Duty: Changing Table Essentials

1. When the poop hits the fan you need to be armed with wipes. Even if you aren’t using cloth diapers, you can do a landfill and your wallet some good by switching to washable baby wipes. BabyZing has super soft organic cotton wipes and pellets of natural cleansing solution called Zingbits that you can put in a wipes warmer with water ($6 and up), or you can make your own solution. If you’re on the go, put the solution in a small spray bottle and pack it in the diaper bag. Spritz on the area of offense and wipe off with a dry cloth.


2. Once that booty is back to its sweet self, coat cheeks in Earth Mama Angel Baby’s natural baby oil, from $6-$13, to protect it from getting irritated by a wet diaper. Selected by neonatal intensive care units at some hospitals, Angel Baby Oil is extremely gentle. It’s scent-free, has zero toxins or nut oils, and is made with grape seed oil infused with calming chamomile and calendula. Your baby might even enjoy a mini-massage.


3. When it’s red and rashy, your baby’s butt needs Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Their “all natural” formula – the one that comes in a green box – includes soothers like Peruvian Balsam oil, aloe vera and beeswax. Formulated by a pharmacist in collaboration with a pediatrician, the Butt Paste is creamier than traditional zinc oxide ointments. Grab a tube or stock up on a jar from $7-$20. (**If the redness doesn’t improve after a few applications, or the diaper rash cream stings your baby, seek your pediatrician’s advice.)


4. To distract your little bucking bronco during changes, keep a rattle that doubles as a teething toy nearby. Smiling Tree Toys makes a variety of wooden, eco-friendly rattles that are lightly coated in organic camelina oil and beeswax making them non-toxic and safe for baby to gnaw on. Let your baby rock on with the guitar teether. From $14.


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