Alessandra Ambrosio Is Enjoying Every Minute Of Her Pregnancy

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is enjoying her second pregnancy.

Alessandra and Jamie Mazur are expecting their second child in May and she says that things have been smooth sailing! Alessandra hasn’t been experiencing any nausea and she credits feeling great to her lifestyle:

“I’ve been very active. I’ve been exercising. I’ve been going for walks and doing yoga. Playing with my daughter all the time gets me in good shape I guess. I don’t have to work every day, so I get to spend time with her and be at home doing things.”

Alessandra’s fellow Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is also expecting a second baby. She says that the two haven’t been able to connect their first-born kiddos (who are also very close in age) recently:

“It’s nice to have kids at the same time. Our daughters met last year backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show. But our schedules are so different now that I’m not working, so our kids don’t get too many play dates.”


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