Springtime Kitchen Organization

Ever feel like you are getting buried inside your own kitchen? If things in your kitchen feel so overcrowded and out of control that you’re not sure where to begin with your kitchen organization, start here!


I don’t know about you, but I do better when I give myself a deadline for jobs I’d much rather avoid. So, with the First Day of Spring just around the corner on March 20th, why not use that date as the motivator to begin taking back control of your kitchen?

I’ve selected a few great items for you that are easy to install and will help to increase and organize your kitchen storage.


The appealing design of this 100% Bamboo cutlery tray not only makes it great to look at and environmentally cool, but it’s expandable size also provides you with some flexibility, depending on what size drawer you have.

altThese chrome Roll-Out Cabinet Drawers I recently installed in my own kitchen, so I can tell you myself, the end result was awesome! They are super easy to install and the quality and function of this product will not disappoint. Just make sure to take the inside measurements of your base cabinets to determine which size will work best for you before you purchase. Four simple screws later, all those pots and pans that have been hiding inside the back of your cabinet will suddenly be in clear view, without having to twist and contort your body to find them!


I haven’t yet  tried this removable sink cabinet storage caddy, but it looks pretty genius. The base cabinet under the kitchen sink is always somewhat problematic, because of the drain pipes that extend down from the sink and typically render a good portion of the space in this cabinet unuseable.


We’re big tea drinkers in our house, so this clear acrylic Tea Organizer seems just perfect for consolidating all those half filled boxes of tea bags into one organized place that makes selection easy, takes up less space and can also be carried to the table to offer multiple tea choices to your family or guests.


How many times have you opened your broom closet (or whatever storage space you use to store your brooms and mops) only to be hit in the face by a broom handle that falls out exactly as you open the door?  This well designed Mop & Broom Holder is a great solution to get that tangled mess up off your floor and safely secured onto the wall instead. Plus, once this is installed, you’ll free up some storage space on the closet floor too!

So now that you’ve gotten started on getting your kitchen space organized for Spring, maybe you’ll share below with us, some of your own organizational ideas for what you do to keep your kitchen organized.