‘Mirror Mirror’ And Social Media Collide In Hilarious New Video

‘Mirror Mirror’ and the Evil Queen (played by Julia Roberts) get hip with social media.


The movie ‘Mirror Mirror’, which is a new twist on the classic tale of Snow White, is due out in theaters at the end of March (March 30th) and we were among the lucky ones to get a sneak peek at it last weekend. During the press junket, they showed us this hilarious video featuring the Evil Queen navigating her way through sites “similar” to Facebook, Pinterest, Skype and more – and we finally have the ‘okay’ to share it! Check it out now!

Social media never ceases to amaze me. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Skype, it’s all just so incredible and convenient. They make it so easy to share information (like fun new movies) at lightning speeds.

Stayed tuned as we share our interview with Lily Collins later this week!