Actress And Author Elizabeth Berkley Is Expecting A Baby!

Elizabeth Berkley and her husband Greg Lauren are going to be parents!

Elizabeth’s rep announced the news tonight that Elizabeth is in her second trimester and the couple will welcome their new bundle of joy later this summer.

Elizabeth and Greg, an artist and designer, have been married since 2003.

Elizabeth is most famous for her role on the long-running series ‘Saved By the Bell’, but she has also written a book for teen girls called ‘Ask Elizabeth.’ She shared with MTV last year: “I think this was, honestly, the perfect time to write this book, because as we all know, in the media, for years now, people have been talking about the issues with our teen girls, but no one has really been talking about how to help our girls. I think now more than ever, there’s a great need. The ability to know that they’re not alone, and other girls are going through it too and how they can help each other.”

Congrats to the parents-to-be!


Photos by Johnny Louis/ And Adriana Barraza/

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