St. Patrick’s Day Style For Boys

With these stylish finds, your little guy will look great whether he’s Irish or not.

The Everyone Loves an Irish Kid tee ($28) from Chasing Fireflies is the go-to tee for your Irish son this St. Patrick’s Day.

Do you have an aspiring rock star? Then this Sham-Rock Tee ($38) is the perfect shirt for you. This super-soft raglan tee leaves ample room for your rocker to drum and strum while making up St. Patrick’s Day tunes.

The Graphic Clover Tee ($15) from Gap Kids is great for your sports star. He can proudly wear it on St. Patrick’s Day then wear it as his lucky shirt for game days.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new shirt that will be worn once! This Old Navy Lucky Me Tee ($5) is gentle on your wallet but still allows your son to get in the spirit of St. Patty’s Day… and not get pinched at school!

If you would rather be practical and get your child something he can wear all year, invest in some Low-Top Chuck Taylors ($32). These green beauties are a perfect color for spring 2012 and can be worn year round… not just one day in March. Plus, you’ll be the coolest mom ever if you surprise your little leprechaun with these fashionable kicks.


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