New Year New Look For Your Home

We all crave neater, cleaner, and more appealing homes. Around the first of the year this heightened desire can probably be attributed to our homes looking a little sparse after all the holiday decorations come down or the Winter doldrums have set in. No matter what the reason is for you – here are a few ideas to freshen up your home and welcome the new year into your life with some style.

Rearrange Your Furniture

1. Clear out the clutter and organize your belongings. Once that is done, the easiest way to get a fresh new look for your home is to simply rearrange what you already own. Shop your house for items that may look better placed in a different room or re-purposed for a new use.  You may be pleasantly surprised by what you can accomplish with a set of new eyes.

– Color packs and extra punch when used against white walls and looks fresh and modern.

Update With New Decorative Accessories

1.+ 3. Let in the light. Remove heavy drapes that may be blocking light from entering your home.  Mount a simple curtain rod above the window and extended so the curtains are clear of the window frame, instead of slightly covering it. (1) BESKÄDA Curtain Rod Set (3) FABLER-BÅRD Curtains

2. Warm and snugly throws work double duty when you toss one over a sofa or chair.  They not only spread additional color over your seating, but provide warmth, too.  GURLI AND HENRIKA Throws

4. Nothing updates a sofa or chair more quickly than a pillow…or two or three.  Refresh the look of your seating – simply by layering pillows of different shapes and sizes.  

5. The right type of lighting in a room can make or break the mood and feeling you are trying to create.  Experiment with different types of bulbs, wattage’s, and lamps to create an appealing ambiance. Incorporate table lamps and floor lamps with both upward and downward light.  ALÄNG Table Lamp

6. If you live in a northern climate – fresh flowers may be hard to find.  Today’s faux flowers look real and can bring color and life into any space.  When placed in pretty pots with soil – no one will know the difference.  SNÄRTIG and SMYCKA Artificial Flowers

Add Fresh Color To Your Walls With Art

Art is fun, colorful and can tell a lot about your personality.  Let yours shine by choosing art that truly speaks to you.    Owls, Cows and Type are very popular now.

1. BILD Poster

2. SOLMYRA Picture

3. OLUNDA Picture

4. SOLMYRA Picture


1. If a room needs a bit of a lift – paint it a bold color.  Leave furnishings to a minimum and let the color on the walls be the focus. If you are a bit timid at first – try painting one wall as an accent wall. It is easier to do and sometimes looks more interesting than all 4 walls done in the same color. If you are truly afraid of color, try painting a powder room or even your closet first to see if you can live with the color.  VIKA AMON Table Top and Legs

2.  Bookcases are workhorses in a room and can be changed around in so many ways.  To make them the focus of the room try one of these ideas: 

– Organize all of the bindings on your books by color. It will not only look bright and cheery, but it looks very modern and gallery like, too. 

– If you have some fabric and duct tape you can make backdrops for the back of each shelf.   Measure the back of each section and cut a piece of cardboard or foam board to size. Wrap a colorful or patterned fabric around each piece and use duct tape to secure it to the back of the cardboard.  Place on the back of each section on the bookshelves.  BILLY Bookcases

3. If your room lacks a focus – add a major pop of color to the main seating in the room.   Partner it with some patterned pillows or throws and your room will evoke a fresh appeal instantly.  If you have a hand-me down piece of furniture that is looking a bit tired – paint it a bold color to give it new life and add energy to your room.   KIVIK Sofa Combination


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