Looking For A Cat Or Kitten? Consider Adoption!

Cats are marvellous pets for families, making ideal companions for adults and children alike. 


As well as teaching respect for animals, cats help children develop their social skills and can help older children learn about responsibility.  If you’ve made the decision to get a cat, you may be thinking of going to a breeder or looking in the classifieds for people selling cats and kittens.  However please spare a thought for the thousands of cats in shelters across the country who would adore a new home with a loving family.

It’s a sad fact that, particularly due to lack of awareness regarding the importance of neutering, there are so many unwanted cats and kittens in the UK.  As a cat lover it saddens me that so many people still choose to buy cats when they could simply adopt, and the process is actually much easier than you may think.  I myself have two adopted cats, one of whom can be seen in the above photograph, who are the loves of my life and I wouldn’t be without them.  

One reason many potential owners cite for not adopting is that they only want a kitten.  This should not be a barrier to adoption however as many kittens are rescued (or born from pregnant cats who have been abandoned) and rehomed by charities and animal rescue centres every year.  Do consider an older cat though, as adult cats have so much to offer too.  They are often less excitable and already used to people, many being loving cats who have plenty of years of affection still to give.  Remember that kittens soon become adult cats anyway!  Some adult cats may also be used to children, so if you’re thinking about adopting, make sure you mention that you have children when making your initial enquiries.

The great thing about adoption is that, once you contact an adoption centre, such as Cats Protection, they will take into consideration your personal and family circumstances.  This includes where you live, who lives with you, and how much time you are at home, in order to help match you up with the perfect kitty for you.  You can visit the cats they have as often as you like so that you can be sure the cat or kitten you choose is ideal for your family.  

Cats Protection ensure the cats in their care are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered if the cat is old enough and treated for fleas and worms before rehoming them.  They are health checked and a period of free Petplan insurance is also provided.  Another benefit of adoption is that the staff at the branch will know the cat very well and be able to tell you about its history and temperament.  They will also provide advice and support to help you settle your cat into its new home.

If reading this has piqued your interest a great first step is to enquire with your local Cats Protection branch, which can be found by visiting the website at http://www.cats.org.uk/ about any cats and kittens they may have available for adoption.