FieldCandy Tents

Bring a little personality to your campsite with one of these fantastic two-person tents by FieldCandy.

Each tent features huge, full-length graphics that transform an otherwise standard tent into a giant piece of cheese, a circus tent, a huge book–just about anything you could possible want.

Fully Booked ($868.19)

Are you a big fan of books? Are you are REALLY big fan of books? Here’s an enormous book for you. It looks like a giant has dropped his favorite best seller.

Cheese Please ($702.37)

If you’re a giant mouse, this tent will be irresistible. It’s got to be the biggest wedge of cheese in the world.

Get A Room ($617.90)

The big red sun is slowly setting on the distant horizon, crickets are gently chirping in the background, and you’re in the mood for love. Well, actually you’re playing Scrabble and sipping cocoa, but at at least it will look like you are. Expect pointing fingers and wagging tongues–you’ll undoubtedly be the talk of the festival.

Out of a Suitcase ($702.37)

Have you collected a few stamps in your passport? Well, instead of living out of a suitcase, now you can live in one. Imagine how much duty-free you could get in there.

Big Top ($702.37)

Ever wanted to run away to the circus? Fulfill your fantasies with this small version of the classic circus tent.

Old Glory ($617.90)

Stand out gloriously with broad stripes and bright stars.