What to do with all those Christmas Toys?

The kid’s toy boxes are already overflowing and it isn’t even Christmas yet.


Once the Christmas morning chaos has cleared, even the most laid back parents will eventually want their children’s Christmas gifts to find their way to their new homes.

So how do you make room for all the new Christmas toys? Here are some ideas to help keep you from feeling overwhelmed and get you organized at the same time.

1. Prepare prior to Christmas

Make it an annual tradition to go through your children’s toys after Thanksgiving each year. Toss out toys that are broken or recalled and pack away or donate toys that your child no longer uses. 

2. Invest in bins and baskets

Bins and baskets are great storage solutions for young children. Designate a basket or bin to each type of item (i.e., cars, plastic figures, balls) and your child will be able to help with clean up. For beds that sit off the floor, consider bins that slide underneath the bed as storage options.

3. Look for hidden storage space

Entertainment center cabinets make great storage places for puzzles or books. Ottomans can hold small items and games. Bookshelves can be transformed into parking garages for trucks and cars. Be creative and look at your furniture and cabinets as storage potential.

4. Keep an eye out for great packaging on Christmas morning

Sturdy boxes, cosmetic bags and fabric gift bags can be easily recycled to hold new Christmas toys. Boxes can hold army figures, cosmetic bags can hold dress up jewelry and fabric gift bags can store crayons and other small art supplies.

5. Opt for gifts that come with built-in storage

When given the option to purchase an item that comes with its own storage system, do it. Instead of purchasing various Matchbox cars, purchase the carrying case that comes prefilled with them. Instead of a box of colored pencils, opt for the ones that come with a pencil box.

The after-Christmas-math can be overwhelming. Having your family room look like a toy bomb went off in it can only last so long, until next year.

How do you clean up after Christmas? What are your secrets to putting away all the new toys? Share your ideas in the comments section below.