Scarlett Johansson Is No Fan Of Facebook And Twitter

Scarlett Johansson prefers not to dish details of her everyday life.

In a new interview, the actress shares that she understands what a powerful tool social media can be when it comes to spreading awareness and more, but she says we won’t be friending her on Facebook anytime soon!

“I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account, and I don’t know how I feel about this idea of, ‘Now, I’m eating dinner, and I want everyone to know that I’m having dinner at this time,’ or ‘I just mailed a letter and dropped off my kids,’ That, to me, is a very strange phenomenon. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than have to continuously share details of my everyday life.”

She says of her fellow actors and actresses who are frequent Twitter users:

“I guess they use it in a way that works for them. But I’d rather that people had less access to my personal life. If I could keep it that way, I’d be a happy lady.”

Scarlett is starring in the upcoming film ‘We Bought a Zoo’ – alongside Matt Damon and Thomas Hayden Church. I’ll be flying to Cali next week to see a screening of it and can’t wait! Did you read the book? If not, I highly recommend checking it out before you head to the theater!