Modern Family’s Julie Bowen Says Motherhood Helps Her Understand Her Character Better

‘Modern Family’ actress Julie Bowen says her own adventures in motherhood have helped her tap into Claire Dunphy’s state of mind.

Julie is always very candid and blunt about motherhood in that honest-and-joking-all-at-the-same-time sort of way that her character Claire is on the show. the Emmy-winning actress is mom to Oliver, 4, and twin sons John and Gus, 2, and knows what it is like to love them and hate them (not seriously) all at once:

“If I wasn’t a mom, I think it’d be harder to understand what it is to live with a child and hate and love them all at once. Claire does that with her kids, and I do that with mine.”

“I love them so much. There’s always this undercurrent of love, but there are moments when I really wouldn’t mind if a giant hook just pulled them off the stage of my life! I think that’s how Claire feels. But if I wasn’t a parent, I think that dichotomy would confuse me.”

‘Modern Family’ kicks off the new season tonight! Are you tuning in??



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