Becoming a MOMpreneur

Many moms I know struggle with the idea of returning back to work after the birth of their baby.


Whether for financial reasons or for their love of their careers, or both, they feel like they need to work, but aren’t quite sure how they can leave their baby in the care of another while they pull a paycheck.

Working from home as a freelancer or entrepreneur is becoming a popular choice among new moms. For moms who have a marketable skill set and/or a passion for what they do, carving out a niche for themselves allows them to have a flexible work schedule based from home. In the best scenarios, mom and dad work what I call a split shift, tag teaming on child and household responsibilities while the other works.

So what are some traditional jobs that can be converted to work from home jobs? Here are some ideas to get you started:


Did you have a specific area of expertise in your pre baby job that can be translated into consulting? Perhaps you worked in marketing and could serve as a marketing consultant to women owned businesses? Evaluate your current skill set and carve out a specialty niche for yourself that will allow you to establish yourself as an authority in your field.


Did your pre baby position consist of extensive writing? Perhaps you were responsible for drafting papers, marketing text or detailed instructions. Consider using your writing skills to freelance for local publications or websites. You could also offer your services to businesses in your community.


Were you responsible for information technology in your pre baby position? Do you specialize in a certain type of software or computer repair? Consider starting your own business offering these same services.


Were you a successful administrative assistant pre baby? In the down economy many businesses like real estate firms and non profits, for example, are outsourcing their administrative help to save on overhead. Consider offering your administrative skills as a freelancer to small businesses in your community.  


Did you pre baby days involve work in sales? Many new moms are starting their own home based businesses selling jewelry, skin care and more. Find out what you’re passionate about and look for an entrepreneurial opportunity in social sales that matches it.

While business scams abound and often target new mothers, there are legitimate business opportunities that allow moms to have the best of both worlds. Today motivated moms can work and pull a paycheck, all while avoiding the child care dilemma.

Did you transition to working from home after your baby was born? What are your tips for success? Share your own story with us below.