Denise Richards Talks About Her New Book; Charlie Sheen’s Sweet Side

Denise Richards talks a bit about her marriage to Charlie Sheen while promoting her new book,”The Real Girl Next Door”.


Denise has been making the rounds in NYC this week to talk about her book, which released yesterday.  She shared with Access Hollywood how nervous ex-husband Charlie was when he met her parents, Irv and Joni, for the first time. “He had a panic attack [before meeting my parents].  It was sweet. You would never think Charlie Sheen would be nervous meeting parents, but he was. And it was very sweet and endearing and my parents loved him.”

One thing she refuses to dish on in her new book is what caused the breakdown in her marriage.  She shared: “It was really important for me to keep the details of the downfall of our marriage between us, and I really wanted to focus on the feelings because that’s what I thought the women and men reading this could relate to.  I also didn’t want to be disrespectful to him and what our marriage was. I also included a lot of good times and good memories.”

Something Denise very strongly believes: “Anyone who’s been in my situation, or similar, knows that you can get through to the other side.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.”



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