Jessica Alba: “Unless It’s Worth it, I’m Not Going To Spend Time Away From My Daughter”

As she readies for baby #2, Jessica Alba shares how she balanced her work and home life after the birth of her daughter.

The expectant mom tells next month’s issue of “Latina” magazine that after Honor Marie was born in 2008, she took her time to figure things out:  “After I had Honor I didn’t leave the house for a while. It was all about changing diapers and feedings and still trying to get back in to the routine of my [acting] thing.  I love what I do. But unless it’s worth it, I’m not going to spend time away from my daughter. Before I had her, work was all I had. Now it’s not.”

Jessica says that she’s much more relaxed with this pregnancy: “The first time around, every moment was so new and terrifying, and now I know what to expect.  It’s like ‘It’s fine, I’ve been there before.'”

Even though her second child has arrived yet, she shares that she’s not ruling out a third: “I just have to feel it out.  See how my 30’s treat me. I just try to live in the moment.”




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