Capture The Beauty Of Vintage Camera Stamps

Looking for a new addition to your creative stamp collection?  Check out these tiny stamps from Japanese distributor Decole for a nostalgic nod to vintage cameras.

The vastly different styles of cameras over the last couple of centuries could easily be used in an art gallery; the beauty of the form and style speaks for itself.  The camera device itself has transformed from mechanism for art, to art in itself.   Decole, a Japanese distributor of household goods, produces these amazingly cute mini-stamps of vintage camera images, so you can use cameras as an image for art wherever your stamp leads you.


The stamps come in the form of two different cameras, the vintage Poulain and Fotka, in grey and brown.  They measure approximately 1.75 inches by 1 inch for a small picture, perfect for stationery, greeting cards, or any type of art and illustration.  The cameras are made from natural wood with a durable rubber cut stamp.  The extended zoom lens makes for a perfect stamping handle!

Purchase your Decole vintage camera mini rubber stamp for only $9 from Japanese Gift Market.

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