Kate Winslet Talks About Her Greatest Work: Her Children

Kate Winslet is raising her kids to be good people. 


Well, of course she is.  Nobody ever says “I’m raising my kids to grow up to be ungrateful wretches”, right?  But Kate is different – she’s a good mom, you can just tell. 

Kate sat down with Glamour magazine to chat candidly about trying to raise grounded children while keeping them shielded from the priveleged life as much as she can.  Kate says of Mia, 10, and Joe, 7:

“The challenge is making sure that they’re never treated different just because I sometimes am. I always want them to be regular kids who are grateful and respectful of other human beings. I want them to know that when we fly first-class, that they are lucky.”

Kate says the compliments that mean the most are the ones about her great kids:

“The highest compliment I could ever receive about my kids — and I can say that this does happen frequently — is when the in-flight crew say to me, ‘Your children are wonderful. They are so well-behaved.’ Every time I am told that, I could weep.”

She and husband Sam Mendes divorced, but Kate will never talk about the reasons behind the split out of respect for her children:

“I am nervous about the day that Mia can Google [my name]. That’s the reason I am so careful not to talk about the question that people always ask of me: ‘So what actually happened between you and Sam?’ That explanation will never come out of my mouth. Never. When my children want to know what actually happened, I want to be the first person they have that conversation with. I don’t want them to read something and believe it, when it probably isn’t true anyway.”

I’m not one of those people who wants to meet celebrities, but I truly think Kate and I could be BFF’s in our next life. She’s so down-to-earth and honest. You get the feeling she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with.


Kate Winslet Talks About Her Greatest Work: Her Children


Photo credit: Wenn & Splash