Sit Back And Design Your Own Spinnaker Lounge Chair

Spinnaker furniture design lets you take care of these details yourself with its online DIY design process.  You can customize the contemporary yet timeless furniture down to the most important aesthetic decisions.

Spinnaker is a Norwegian company that employs the efforts of architects and designers aimed at designing a chair that feels like sitting on a cloud, fueled by maritime inspirations.  The original chair comes with old and new actual ship sails that add great detail to the backside of the lounge chair.  It would look great in a contemporary living room or a simple and elegant nursery.  


Using the simple “configurator” on the Spinnaker website, choose from an assortment of leather, fabric, and steel colors to make your Spinnaker chair fit any style of decor you’re aiming for.  You can add text or a symbol to the backside of the chair to add an unexpected detail to your customized furniture.  

Dealers are not currently located in the United States, but potential customers can contact Spinnaker directly to make a request for different production options.  For more information, visit the Spinnaker website.

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