Calling All Owl Lovers

Owls top the chart of birds, used the most in the kid-centric design. They definitely make it into the top 10 of the most used animals. Why are we so fascinated by these birds?


Is this because they resemble humans with their forward facing huge eyes full of mysterious magnetism and wisdom? Never mind that these “cute” creatures are top night predators equipped with supreme hearing and eyesight. You sure wouldn’t consider them cute, if you were a mouse. But we are humans, not rodents, therefore we love our adorable owls; and the more owls the merrier!

1. Owl DINGaRING $19.95

Who would be afraid of this adorable quirky owl perching on the natural wooden teething ring? The luxuriously soft body and gentle rattle make it the ideal gift for newborns & teething bubs.

2. Little Korboose Owl Pillow $25

Hoot Hoot! This wonderful Owl Pillow in mood enhancing cheerful orange is brilliant as a decorating accent and as cuddly bed buddy.

3. Ej Sikke Lej Crazy Owl T-shirt $24

What could be better than a seriously looking crazy owl? Rows and rows of crazy owls adorning this tee in a whimsical all-over pattern, of course!   Designed Supreme Scandinavian design and quality straight from Denmark.

4. Owl Lovers FUNtainer Food Thermos $20.00

Don’t mess with the guardian owls of this food jar’s contents! Perfect for his lunchbag, this small and sturdy food jar does a great job of keeping a food hot a cold. Say yes to soups!

5. Little Silver Owl Necklace $12.95

Cool boys’ necklaces are not easy to find. Don’t look any further. You found the perfect one!

6. Owls on a Branch Green Base Lamp $138.00

The exuberant colors and magical owls perching on this lamp will make it a central focal point of his bedroom. You can design an entire room around this lamp. Unique art of Rachel Taylor will provide you with endless inspiration and decorating ideas.