Fostering Teamwork In Children

There is also the idea that by learning how to “play well with others” in the sandbox or on the field now will better equip us to address the idea of teamwork in the office place. But how do you foster good teamwork in a child? Though many exist, here are 2 general concepts to help kids understand the benefits of working together.

Team Sports:

The first is to have your child play a team sport. Everything from football, soccer, and baseball to basketball, water polo and even track creates the opportunity for children to learn multiple life lessons while having fun. A team helps to foster a feeling of belonging to a group. Sports such as soccer, baseball or football teach kids that by working together and helping each other you can achieve your goals. These games also help to reinforce the idea that you need to listen to one another in order to successfully work together. As the old adage goes, there is no I in team.

But what do you do if your child doesn’t like sports? Or really can’t stand the water, (like mine). There is no reason to worry:  


There are a variety of after school and community sponsored clubs available our children these days. Everything from the classic scouts (Cubs, Brownies) to clubs that teach skills to clubs that take place/ teach about the outdoors. Joining a club will help your child develop some of the same skills that team sports do. Working with others to complete a project, learning to listen and respect one another as well as how to problem solve in a group situation are all experiences your children will be exposed to via the club atmosphere.

The benefits of being able to work effectively with others are too numerous to leave up to chance. It is extremely important to make sure children are put in situations where they learn that teamwork pays off. What are some of the specific ways you teach your children about teamwork? 

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