Forget the Expensive Costumes This Halloween: Save Money And Make One Yourself

but this year Little Holly won’t be able to have that $100 Marie Antoinette costume, and you don’t want to break your little one’s heart. So, here are some ideas that will help save a few bucks in your pocket as well as put a smile on your kids face.

1. Borrow Costumes – If you know that Aunt Lucy has a garage full of dance outfits ask to borrow one. She probably will be thrilled to share. No need for those old costumes to go to waste.

2. Revive that Old Ghost. Hey, no need for all ghosts to be plain and white. Take an old sheet and dress it up with feathers, sparkles and paint. Why not be a hippy ghost or a rock star ghost this Halloween.

3. Electrify the night with static cling – Pin socks and other garments to your child’s outfit, give them crazy hair that looks like a cartoon’s hair after being electrocuted, and voila Static Cling!

4. Jelly Bean/Jelly Belly – Find a clear garbage bag and cut two holes at the bottom (a hole for each leg) and cut slits on each side of the bag (a slit for each arm). Blow up anywhere between 10 – 20 small balloons. Dress your child in black leggings and either a long or short sleeve white shirt. Have your child step into the clear garbage bag. Then fill the bag with all of the blown up balloons. Kids love this costume cause it’s so darn puffy.

5. One week before Halloween have a no-host cupcake party, all the moms and dads bring cupcakes and the kids bring old costumes they have outgrown. It’s so much fun to try on all the outfits and each child goes home with a present, a new costume!

Just because we’re feeling the stress of the economy doesn’t mean our kids need to. Get creative with no apologies and have a blast!

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